Funny Yet Inappropriate: Mugs that will make you laugh!

Mugs. You have way to many of them and yet you find yourself buying a new one to add to your collection. Mugs. You don't know what to give as a gift. You buy one, stuff it with candy and wrap it in cellophane. Mugs. You want to treat yourself, but you have been shopping way too much, so you decide to get something practical and useful to enjoy. Mugs.

Yes, this is what I think of when I make a new mug purchase. I mean how many mugs does one person really need? Let me introduce some scenarios I have encountered while selling our mugs at local markets.

While walking past my tent a woman spots the pink mug that says "Same Penis Forever". She comes, picks it up, and shows it to her husband who rolls his eyes while she is standing there giggling like a little girl.

A young man enters my tent laughing at the mug he just read. He has just rented his first apartment and buys the "This is not a crack house, It's a crack home" mug. He tells me of his plans to serve coffee to his mom while she visits his new home. He can't wait to see her expression when she realized what her mug says.

A couple walks in and has a conversation about the "Good Morning Beautiful, I see the assassins have failed". They giggle and walk away. 20 min later one of them returns to purchase the mug as a funny surprise for their partner.

The mugs we carry are funny, quirky, and oh so inappropriate!

Everyone needs a little laughter and joy, go check out what we have in stock on and follow us on Instagram for new product drops @vintymooncompany .

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