"Boobsy Girl" by Myrle Medeiros: Big-Eye Artist & Kitsch Artwork

I am so excited about the new addition to our shop!

Made and reproduced between 1962 - 1975, Myrle Medeiros' artwork is a part of the Big-Eyed Waif Art of her time. Most of the art in that movement were portraits with big eyes staring directly at the onlooker. As you can see, "Boobsy Girl" does not have big eyes. However, M. Medeiros produced other portraits that did. "Boobsy Girl" is part of the Big-Eye movement because of the artist, time period, and subject matter..

This piece is also part of a category called "Kitsch" art. These were mass produced predominantly in the 60's and are considered by art enthusiasts to be cheap art that is more sentimental than aesthetically pleasing.

I personally think that "Boobsy Girl" and her cat-eyed cat are so adorable! Check out our shop and she could be yours!

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